Mandela's South Africa--and After

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Reviews of new research at public agencies and private institutions

Book Reviews

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As President Nelson Mandela prepares to step down, critics charge that he leaves South Africa bound on a course to disaster. But the problems that remain pale beside the magnitude of Mandela's accomplishments.

Allister Sparks

The democratic ideas that spurred America's budding capitalists on were vigorously contested--and still are.

Sean Wilentz

He was best known as the author of The Organization Man, but William H. Whyte, Jr., was also a leading anatomist of city life.

Nathan Glazer

Far from a quixotic crusade, U.S. efforts to promote democracy abroad are part of a pragmatic "hidden" grand strategy.

G. John Ikenberry

It’s the thing that everybody loves to hate. But let’s face it, our author says, materialism—getting and spending—is a vital source of meaning and happiness in the modern world.

James Twitchell

American prosperity has re-sparked the debate around the cultural consequences of capitalism and the ties between political and economic freedoms.

Steven Lagerfeld

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