Will India Win?

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Rahul Gandhi, grandson of Indira Gandhi and possible next Prime Minister of India, visits the Maldives. Photo by Maldives Presidency via Flickr

Its political class may not be up to the task of leading India toward prosperity.

Sadanand Dhume

Propelled by economic success and a sense of its own exceptionalism, India stands poised to create a new role for itself on the world stage. But Indians do not agree on what that role should be.

Michael Kugelman

India’s leaders have instinctively looked to China for the secrets to national success. The impulse often serves them poorly.

Xuefei Ren

These are hard times for those who live by the pen. But technology will not decide their fate. The future of writers—and the articles, novels, and nonfiction books they create—ultimately rests with those who read them.

Edward Tenner

During World War II, villagers in a French farming community rescued thousands of Jews and other refugees, while most Europeans spectacularly failed to hinder the genocides in their midst. What set the villagers apart?

Margaret Paxson

In Essence

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Book Reviews

Infinite Rest  Image

A Life of David Foster Wallace.
By D. T. Max.
Viking. 356 pp. $27.95

Bloody New World  Image

The Peopling of British North America: The Conflict of Civilizations, 1600–1675.
By Bernard Bailyn.
Knopf. 640 pp. $35

Failure to Lead  Image

American Military Command From World War II to Today.
By Thomas E. Ricks.
Penguin Press. 576 pp. $32.95

Feeding the Masses  Image

Can We Feed the World?
By Gordon Conway.
Cornell Univ. Press. 439 pp. $24.95

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