America's Schools: 4 Big Questions

Autumn 2011

America's Schools: 4 Big Questions

America's Schools: 4 Big Questions Cover Image

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Much ink has been spilled in the last several decades over the issue of what to do about America's struggling schools. The nation has made only halting progress in public education, but a handful of key questions have come into focus.

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In Essence

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Book Reviews

Animals Are Us  Image

Predators, Parasites, and Partners That Shape Who We Are Today
By Rob Dunn.
Harper. 290 pp. $26.99

Evangelical Truth in a Secular Age.
By Randall J. Stephens and Karl W. Giberson.
Belknap/Harvard. 356 pp. $29.95

The Writers of Brooklyn and the Story of American City Life.
By Evan Hughes.
Holt. 337 pp. $17

China’s Great Leader  Image

By Ezra F. Vogel.
Belknap/Harvard. 876 pp. $39.95

The Natural  Image

A Memoir.
By Roger Ebert.
Grand Central. 435 pp. $27.99

Water Over the Bridge  Image

The Ohio-Mississippi Disaster of 1937.
By David Welky.
Univ. of Chicago Press. 355 pp. $27.50

By Adam Kirsch.
Yale Univ. Press. 185 pp. $24

A Singular Voice  Image

Essays by Christopher Hitchens.
Twelve. 788 pp. $30

The Enduring Dream of Self-Sufficiency in Modern America.
By Dona Brown.
Univ. of Wisconsin Press. 290 pp. $24.95

The Lunacy to Lead  Image

Uncovering the Links Between Leadership and Mental Illness.
By Nassir Ghaemi.
Penguin. 340 pp. $27.95

The Marriage Gap  Image

How the African American Marriage Decline Affects Everyone.
By Ralph Richard Banks.
Dutton. 289 pp. $25.95

Peace on Earth  Image

Why Violence Has Declined.
By Steven Pinker.
Viking. 802 pp. $40


To see how the world will eventually right today’s massive trade imbalances, look to the Atlantic, not the Pacific.

Martin Walker

Thousands of soldiers are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with deep psychological scars. Posttraumatic stress disorder is a common diagnosis—but is it the right one?

Katherine N. Boone

The acclaimed biographer Michael Scammell discusses the peculiar challenges and delights of his craft.

Michael McDonald

The college-educated share of America’s population has barely increased in years. The key to reviving mass higher education may be to rethink the divide between high school and college.

Kevin Carey

The national drive for education reform has touched off many power struggles, but one has emerged as fundamental.

Thomas Toch

Most of the problems with testing have one surprising source: cheating by school administrators and teachers.

Richard P. Phelps

Today’s new austerity may have an upside if it prods schools to embrace new technologies that cut costs and improve learning.

Peter W. Cookson Jr.

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