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Book Reviews

The Everything of Its Two-Thousand-Year History
By Nicholas A. Basbanes. Knopf. 448 pp. $35

Book Reviews

By Frank Prochaska. Yale Univ. Press.
207 pp. $38

Book Reviews

Working-class Adulthood in an Age of Uncertainty
By Jennifer M. Silva. Oxford Univ. Press. 192 pp. $29.95

Book Reviews

Portraits of a Nation
By Robert Wilson. Bloomsbury. 288 pp. $28

Book Reviews

By David Finkel. Sarah Crichton Books. 256 pp. $26

Students marked the centennial of the National Autonomous University of Mexico in the streets of Mexico City’s Zócalo district in 2010. The university’s more than 300,000 students are a precious resource in a country where the average citizen has only a little more than eight years of schooling. (Newscom)

The United States is luring many of Mexico’s best and brightest northward.

Petroleum and patriotism have long proved a heady mix in Mexican politics. “Serving the nation,” says this 1956 Pemex sign. (Getty Images)

In a year that brought an eruption of ambitious reform measures, the biggest of them all is the proposed overhaul of Mexico’s iconic national oil company.

Arrests of police officers and other officials are a disconcertingly common sight in Mexico. This former federal police officer was arrested in Mexico City earlier this year and charged with leading a gang that committed robberies and kidnappings. (Getty Images)

A new president is betting that seeking peace with the drug cartels is the key to a safer Mexico.

Two Predator drones rest in hangars at a base in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Even after the United States withdraws its last combat troops from Afghanistan next year, it will continue to operate drones in the country. (Getty Images)

Drones fly in the face of lessons taught to us by centuries of warfare.

A crowd-sourced project at the website Bostonography uses colored hexagons to map Boston residents’ perceptions of their neighborhood boundaries. Purple covers areas where more than 75 percent of respondents agree, aqua more than 50 percent, and green more than 25 percent. (Bostonography)

What place do neighborhoods have in modern cities?