Money and Politics: The Oldest Connection

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In Essence

"Revolutionary Men of Letters and the Pursuit of Radical Change: The Views of Burke, Tocqueville, Adams, Madison, and Jefferson" by Susan Dunn, in The William and Mary Quarterly (Oct. 1996), Box 8781, Williamsburg, Va. 23187–8781.

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Book Reviews

WE NOW KNOW: Rethinking Cold War History. By John Lewis Gaddis. Oxford University Press. 425 pp. $30
"ONE HELL OF A GAMBLE": Khrushchev, Castro, and Kennedy, 1958-1 964. By Aleksandr A. Fursenko and Timothy Naftali. W. W. Norton & Company. 420 pp. $27.50

THE HANDICAP PRINCIPLE. By Amotz Zahavi and Avishag Zahavi. Na'ama Ely, trans.Oxford University Press. 320 pp. $25


Would Abe Lincoln have raised an eyebrow over Bill Clinton's guest list for the Lincoln bedroom? Probably not. Long ago, "Honest Abe" had his men generously sprinkle "material aid" among voters in New York.

Gil Troy

Politics and daily life in Romania since 1989 have been as strange, andat times as sinister, as they were during the 24-year rule of Nicolae Ceausescu. Three recent events—two weddings and a funeral—drew the author into the absurdist drama of postcommunist Romania.

William McPherson

Art history may be mired in theoretical trendiness or academic stodginess, but Leo Steinberg's fiercely original readings of past and present works restore life to the meaning of tradition.

David Levi Strauss

Before his death last year, J. B. Jackson stood virtually unchallenged as the pre-eminent scholar of the American landscape. Here, in one of his final essays, Jackson turned his thoughts to leisure, and found that where we play our games often says as much about us as what we choose to play.

J. B. Jackson

The poetry of Walter de la Mare selected and introduced by Anthony Hecht

Anthony Hecht

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