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Despite reported shortfalls in military recruitment, most experts think it unlikely that the draft will be revived.

The electorate may be evenly divided between the two parties, but the Republicans have a decided advantage in their national structure.

Jimmy Carter tapped evangelical support to gain the presidency, but lost the bloc to the Republicans because of his policies.

Many experts are questioning whether democracy will enhance or hurt America's interests in the Middle East.

A good map might go a long way towards solving some of the world's thorniest issues.

Teens are getting squeezed out of the job market by young college grads, women, and recent immigrants.

The media's relentless opposition to the war in Iraq likely has little effect on public opinion.

The press probably is both more biased and more sensationalistic than it used to be...and the public is paying less attention.

Martin Luther King Jr. owed much to an earlier generation of black religious thinkers.

Today's Islamic terrorism fits into a long history of sacred violence.

The medical community keeps reversing itself, and the reason seems equal parts bad science and the cost of good studies.

"turning exile and alien- ty," Dickstein observes, "Nabokov shows us ation into a unique vantage point, an angle of the shock of alienation as effectively as his vision far interpreting the world." TheSound of SaIinger's Silence"Reading Salinger's Silence" Myles Weber, in New England Review, (Vol. 26, No. 2), Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vt. 05753.(Often when people say they write only for writing. He refuses to talk to the press and lives themselves, eve...

this means he'd contrived to get extra supplies of both," Hamilton wrote. Others have theorized that Salinger withdrew because he knew he'd run out of talent or he couldn't stand criticism. Per- haps, as Ron Rosenbaum opined in Esquire inpublished work is probably "the only reliable source material" on him. In the story "Zooey," lie writes of a clear im- perative for the artist to keep performing- it's owed "to the Fat Lady, to the public, to Christ, to the God who...

Natan Sharansky, in Azure (Summer 2005), 13 Yehoshua Bin-Nun St., P.O. Box 8787, Jerusalem 93145 Israel. Natan Sharansky, the former Soviet re- believes, can be found in the neglected vision fusenik who earlier this year quit his Isr aeli of Zionism's principal founder, Austrian writer governme nt post as minister of Jerusalem ancl Theoclor I-Ierzl(1860-1904). Diaspora affairs, fears that his adopted coun try- Israel...

Book Reviews

On heroes and hero-worship.


While Louis Farrakhan captures headlines, the lesser-known W. D. Mohammed has a large following among African-American Muslims—and a warmer view of the United States. Can he help make America’s immigrant Muslims more at home in their adopted country?

Peter Skerry

The case against TV used to be a slam-dunk: guilty as charged by reason of inanity. The inanity still abounds—it wouldn’t be TV otherwise—but so do a lot of other qualities that often make the couch in the den a fitter habitation for an adult than the stadium seat in a multiplex.

James Morris

Seven years ago, a U.S.-led military intervention ended ethnic violence in Kosovo. International peacekeepers have patrolled the province ever since. Now Kosovo has reached a turning point. Without America’s continued leadership, Kosovo could reignite, spreading new conflict throughout the Balkans.

Martin C. Sletzinger & Nida Gelazis

The spectacular resurgence of evangelical Christianity has obscured the fact that there’s another side to the American religious coin. Spiritual seekers, from New Age animists to sober U.S. senators, have a long and honorable lineage in American life—and the potential to inspire a rebirth of liberal politics.

Leigh E. Schmidt

China remains a great puzzle, handicapped by its own uneasy history and heading towards an uncertain future.

Ross Terrill

One key to China's future lies in its people's attraction to a Confucian ideal.

Shiping Hua

The life of prominent Chinese sociologist Fei Xiaotong reveals a great deal about the history of Chinese reform.

Anne F. Thurston

Chinese nationalism is being pulled in two directions, more democratic at home but more assertive abroad.

Suisheng Zhao

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