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WQ editors share their winter weather reads.

Web Exclusive

If football is harmful to players, is it ethical to be a fan?

Photo of Wipro chairman Azim Premji at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland by World Economic Forum via flickr

THE SOURCE: “Where Do India’s Billionaires Get Their Wealth?” by Aditi Gandhi and Michael Walton, in Economic and Political Weekly, Oct. 6, 2012.

THE SOURCE: “Copycat China” by Yu Hua, in Prospect, Sept. 2012.

Painting of Commander Oliver Hazard Perry during the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812 via Wikimedia Commons

THE SOURCE: “Military History on the Electronic Frontier: Wikipedia Fights the War of 1812” by Richard Jensen, in The Journal of Military History, Oct. 2012.

Photo by illuminaut via flickr

THE SOURCE: “Autism and the Technical Mind” by Simon Baron-Cohen, in Scientific American, Nov. 2012.

THE SOURCE: “What Tragedy? Whose Commons?” by Fred Pearce, in Conservation, Fall 2012.

THE SOURCE: “Storied TV: Cable Is the New Novel” by Thomas Doherty, in The Chronicle Review, Sept. 21, 2012.

Photo of Shakespeare's First Folio via Wikimedia Commons

THE SOURCE:“What Is a Rare Book?” by Fred C. Robinson, in The Sewanee Review, Fall 2012.

Photo of Japanese reformer Tsuda Mamichi via National Diet Library of Japan

THE SOURCE: “Enlightenment in Global History: A Historiographical Critique” by Sebastian Conrad, in The American Historical Review, Oct. 2012.